Baby-Makin’ Music With A Message – Marsha Ambrosius’s ‘Late Nights And Early Mornings’

How often do we come across a baby-makin’ song that actually doubles up as an impromptu educational foray into the hazards of STD transmission? NEVER! Unless, it’s the criminally gorgeous Marsha Ambrosius who’s made it her mission in life to create amazing, no, AH-MA-ZING music that makes you LITERALLY stop your entire lives and tear each other’s clothes off and indulge in some intricate love-making! But this woman means BIZNESS y’all and she has major chutzpah, cuz not only does she make you create babies and stuff, she also slips in a cool message or two in her fantastic videos!  She’s already addressed the sensitive issue of gay-bashing in her gigantic hit ‘Far Away’, and now she tackles the issue of AIDS in the video for ‘Late Nights And Early Mornings’, from her solo début album with the same name that peaked at # 2 on the Billboard 200 Albums Chart earlier this year. Watch and be BOWLED over, before you start stripping.

And in case you’re interested in some more great baby-makin’ stuff (and why in the HELL wouldn’t you be?), fear not! Marsha understands your devastatingly important issues and hence her album is PACKED with baby makin’ jams, and is one of my fave albums this year. Pick it up, and get it on!