Watch : Tori Amos Covers Madonna’s ‘Live To Tell’

Alright so can we keep aside the Gargoyles and Riris and Mimis and Dadadudus for a while and focus on some good stuff here? Cool? Done with listening to Rihanna’s latest bleat-fest for the twenty millionth time? Done with imitating your Britney moves in front of the mirror? Now FOCUS.

If you’re like me (and God help you if you are), Tori Amos was an absolutely essential part of your growth process in the 90’s, and ‘Under The Pink‘ and ‘Little Earthquakes‘ were two albums that you would not have IMAGINED life without! 20 years in the bizness, and Tori’s still making good music, and her 12th studio album ‘Night Of Hunters’ was just released a few weeks ago.

Tori’s on tour in support of her latest album, and here’s a great cover of Madonna aka The Queen Of Literally The Entire Cosmos aka Legendonna’s iconic # 1 single ‘Live To Tell‘ that Tori performed in Brussels.

Generally a Madonna song is something that’s best left untouched, but in this case, Tori’s managed to retain the charm of the brilliant original number and has given it her signature touch. The end result? Me digging it!

In the meantime Legendonna aka GOD is feverishly at work in the studio creating stuff that’s already making me and 157 billion people SHIT BRICKS without even getting a chance to listen to anything at all. Now that’s the power of a true legend, RIGHT? (duh)

Thank you for your time. You may now get back to sipping on cat-blood and bleating.