Conrad Murray found GUILTY Of Involuntary Manslaughter Of Michael Jackson!

The jury has reached a verdict, and it’s JUSTICE FOR MICHAEL JACKSON!! Dr Conrad Murray has just been pronounced GUILTY of the involuntary manslaughter of the late King Of Pop!

According to,

‘The sentencing –

— It’s in Judge Michael Pastor’s hands. A convicted defendant is supposed to be sentenced in 20 days, but Murray can waive that time while his attorneys prepare a motion for new trial, appeal. He could remain free on bail.

— Because of a new California law, Murray probably would not go to state prison. He would most likely serve in the county jail because of prison overcrowding. There has been speculation that he would be allowed to serve house arrest.

— The judge can consider that Murray is a defendant with no prior criminal record, a circumstance that might mitigate in favor of probation.

— No more medical license.’

RIP Michael, justice is finally served.