Stuck In My Head : JoJo’s ‘Disaster’

JoJo’s always had a few songs from her albums that have stuck in my head like HOW! And she’s back after 5 years with her spankin’ brand new single ‘Disaster‘ taken from her new album ‘Jumping Trains‘ scheduled for release early next year. This one sounds like a close cousin of her last smash, 2006’s ‘Too Little Too Late‘ from her sophomore album ‘The High Road‘.

I ain’t complaining though. ‘Too Little Too Late’ was a MAJOR break-up anthem for me back in the day, and although ‘Disaster‘ kinda goes along the same lines, it’s still a KICK-ASS song y’all. Her vocals are perfect, the video’s great, the song’s edgy, and Jojo’s looking pretty damn Jojolicious! And she’s just 20 (that makes me feel 100,000 years old and useless). STEP UP YOUR GAME kids of the world.