Ruff Diamondz Grime It Up For Their Big Debut

Say elllooooo to RD aka Ruff Diamondz comprising of Chronz, T-Roy and Martika. These sassy girls from London are prepping up for their big début soon, and have teased listeners with their mixtape ‘The Intro Of RD aka Ruff Diamondz‘. Their latest single is the infectious ‘Got Me Burnin’‘ that’s been doing the rounds of the chart circuit lately.

RD’s sound is a grimed up version of the INSANELY successful group Sugababes, and being a major Sugababes fan, this might have come as a shock to me, especially now that the group has almost ceased to exist thanks to their ever-changing line-up with each new release. Somewhere down the line though, the girls from RD stand their ground, varying from soulful to gritty, especially over the incredibly infectious beat of ‘Got Me Burnin’‘.

Will they be able to recreate the magic of the Sugababes? Probably not, considering the legacy the girls have left behind. But RD does seem to have a vibe that sounds fresh from what’s already available on the charts. Here’s to their big début later this year!