In The Spotlight : Caro Emerald

Okay I seriously wonder WHY it took me so long to write a post on this amazing new vocalist who’s been shattering records and creating quite a stir in Europe lately. Think of a smoky jazz bar and a jazz band fronted by a pretty face crooning seductively with a smokey voice that triumphantly delivers the goods in the form of irresistible melodies and cleverly crafted songs, and you have it all and more in Caro Emerald.

Caro’s début album ‘Deleted Scenes From The Cutting Room Floor‘ has broken and created records in the Netherlands since it’s release in 2010, and has become the longest running # 1 album on the Dutch Top 100 Albums Charts, spending  a whopping 30 weeks beating Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller‘! (anything that remotely comes close to a record set by ‘Thriller’ must have major chutzpah). Released in the UK in 2011, the album peaked at # 4 on the UK Top 40 Albums Chart and has been certified Gold so far.

So what’s the deal with this album? The very fact that it’s impossible not to be seduced by the magnanimous amalgamation of Jazz, Samba, Salsa, Mambo, Rumba and Contemporary Pop, along with a quick-fire delivery of some whip-smart narratives, and smoky yet firm, rich and effortless vocals make this album and the vocalist stand out of the current crop.

Check out the single ‘A Night Like This‘ where she holds her ground with consummate ease.

She also delivers in the single ‘That Man‘, and you can almost visualize a 1950’s cinematic setting to the number while the orchestra compliments her rich vocals.

It’s not too difficult to figure out the fact that if there’s real talent, and a coupla great songs, an album will work. Caro’s live performances have been nothing short of spectacular, especially a performance of  ‘The Other Woman‘ at Amsterdam’s Heineken Hall. Check out her amazing vocals in this one.

If you’re into retro, classic jazz, contemporary jazz, or if you’re into some plain good ol’ easy-listenin’ kinda music, you might wanna pick this one up. Caro Emerald delivers the goods, and how!