TOTALLY ABSOLUTELY COMPLETELY Stuck In My Head : Coldplay And Rihanna’s ‘Princess Of China’


Any initial doubt I might have had about a collaboration between two acts as diverse as Coldplay and Rihanna was completely shoved into oblivion when I heard what they’ve created together after the track leaked last week. Here’s the deal. It’s epic. It’s brilliant. It’s probably one of the best songs I’ve heard this year, and probably one of the best break-up songs of all time. Period.

You’ve heard the song right? And if you haven’t, you’ve probably been fungating under a rock. STOP LITERALLY EVERYTHING THAT YOU’RE DOING AND LISTEN TO THE DAMN SONG cuz nothing else matters right now.

The heavy synth-laden ‘Princess Of China’ starts off eerily, and almost veers towards sinister territory when Chris Martin’s voice takes over as he laments ‘Once upon a time, we fell apart/You hold it in your hands, like two halves in your heart‘. When he’s done with his verse, and the song’s already progressed to sound mystical and ethereal, the song’s biggest surprise takes over in the form of Miss Rihanna.

Singing medieval metaphorical verses, she fires back ‘I could’ve been a princess, you’d be a king/Could’ve had a castle on a ring‘. The surprise lies in the fact that Rihanna has never sounded so spectacular, considering that she bleats and screeches in most of her songs (ella ella, na-na-na etc), and the incredible combination of Rihanna and Chris Martin’s voice conjures up images of an entire Chinese Kingdom with dragons et al while they sing their agonizing melancholy to each other dressed in Chinese warrior outfits (I’ll take no credit for this idea if they do use it for the video, cuz i’m really classy and all).

Rihanna’s vocal abilities displayed in this song just goes to show that she’s here to stay, and that her best is yet to come.

By the time Chris and Rihanna are done dueling with verses, the song slows down at about the 2.23 mark, after which my favorite part of the song begins when song reaches an agonizingly painful and magnanimous crescendo with Chris and Rihanna’s voices soaring in unison while sadly singing one simple line on repeat ‘cause you really hurt me‘. The beauty and greatness of the entire song for me lies in the way the song deliriously concludes over the last minute and a half. This induced major shivers down my spine, and in all honesty images of break-ups I’ve been through in the past would just start popping up in my head throughout the last minute of the song.

There’s no doubt about the fact that ‘Princess Of China’ will deliver on the charts, but more importantly, this track will stand out as a landmark as far as both Rihanna and Coldplay’s careers are concerned.

Kudos to them for creating and delivering a masterpiece!