Beyonce Releases Yet Another New Video, Brings In Kelly Rowland, Solange And J Cole To ‘Party’

So Beyoncé’s all set to re-write medical history by becoming the first pregnant woman to release 145 music videos and perform live 756 times within one trimester of pregnancy (a little exaggeration there, but you get my point). Seriously though, what’s up with her releasing videos faster than Nasal High Priestess Rihanna dropping new albums? The latest one is for the single ‘Party‘ from her album’4‘, and this one features none other than ex-Destiny’s Child band-mate Kelly Rowland, sister Solange and J Cole who throws in a few new verses in the song which originally featured André 3000.

The video’s, well, interesting. Beyoncé’s being all sexy in extra bright pink lipstick and some extra tacky clothes, with no signs of the baby bump at all, and it’s just a regular celebration. With ‘Party‘ being the 6th video from ‘4’, Beyoncé seems to be pushing the album as a whole instead of pushing singles. So far she has yet to come up with a certified hit from the album. Although ‘4’, in my opinion does not have much when it comes to individual singles, but collectively, it’s an album that’s worth a listen cuz Beyoncé has pushed the envelope when it comes to creating something different from what she has done before. A lot like what the supreme Icons Janet Jackson and Madonna did with ‘The Velvet Rope‘ and  ‘Ray Of Light‘ in 1997 and 1998 respectively (bows down and worships).

At the feverish rate in which Honey B’s churning out new videos, don’t be surprised if we’re back in a few hours with the news of the next release.