Watch : Karmin covers ‘Superbass’ and ‘Pumped Up Kicks’

Before I get into the music, lemme just talk about how deliciously GORGEOUS these two people are!! Have you seen a better looking couple in the bizness of late? Have you? It almost made me cry!(not really, but you get how awww-ed I was).

Amy Heidemann and Nick Noonan of the YouTube covers specialist group Karmin stepped into the studios for Billboard’s Mash-up Mondays and gave a brand new twist to two of the biggest hits of the year, Nicki Minaj’s ‘Superbass‘ and Foster The People’s ‘Pumped Up Kicks‘, and by the time I was through watching the videos I was diabetic and peeing sugar syrup! Really!(naww).

But seriously people, it’s NOT easy covering ANYTHING by Nicki Minaj, considering the fact that she made Eminem sound like a bib-wearing rampantly farting school kid compared to her violent shrieks on their duet ‘Roman’s Revenge‘, you know she’s THE BIGGEST THING in Hip-Hop right now! (ask me and a bazillion others who’ve tried to memorize and rap ‘Superbass‘, and instead have ended up with magnanimous globules of spit all over and ridiculously dried up mouths by the time we were through).

And for Amy and Nick (who’re engaged btw, awwww again!) to recreate ‘Superbass‘ like they OWNED the damn song speaks volumes about their talents (good looks and talent? get married already you two).

The also do a fantastic cover of Foster The People’s ‘Pumped Up Kicks‘, and the chilled-out laid-back touch to the song is effin’ awesome!

If you liked what you heard (or saw), here’s some good news. Karmin’s already working on their début album which is scheduled for release next year, and their début single ‘Crash Your Party‘ has just been released on iTunes! Buy it and try it!