Korean Pop Goes Global With Girls’ Generation’s New Album ‘The Boys’

I usually browse through posts on Billboard.com about K-Pop (or Korean Pop for those of you living under a rock) and I’m intrigued by all the chart action happening there. It’s impossible to ignore the incredible amount of action, the massive album and single sales, the award shows, and the extraordinary influence of Koran bands and vocalists in Asia!

I’ve been a major fan of Japanese Pop for a while, with Utada Hikaru being one of my fave artists. No, I do not understand Japanese (I CAN count from 1-10 though, learnt it at a martial arts class, so suck it up). Give a listen to her English album ‘This Is The One‘ and you’ll know what I mean. But K-Pop was something that I really didn’t dabble into much until recently when Billboard.com introduced the Billboard K-Pop Hot 100 Chart that opened me up to this wonderfully colorful and musically extravagant world of K-Pop! They have it all, funky videos, great melodies, catchy grooves and amazing dance moves!

Out of the many acts that are huge here, the nonet (that’s nine member-ed) Girls’ Generation have recently been in the news, and for all the right reasons. They’re already HUGE in Asia, and ever since their début in 2007, they’ve had multiple chart-topping singles, 3 full length Korean albums, a Japanese album, and have won major awards for their achievements, apart from touring all over Asia, especially for their singles ‘Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)‘, ‘Gee’,  ‘Run Devil Run’ and ‘Mr Taxi‘.

And now the girls are all set to venture into the US and other parts of the world with their new album ‘The Boys‘ being released both in English and Korean. The album’s already been released on iTunes on October 19th in the US, and the lead single from the album is the R’n’B/Dance-Pop extravaganza ‘The Boys‘.

The single and the video has the music, choreography, fashion and vocals ON LOCK! This sounds great, and it kinda reminds me of The Pussycat Dolls when they first blasted on to the scene with their global smash ‘Dontcha‘. And with this video serving as the introduction of the girls to the rest of the world, the girls should have a long way to go.

I’m officially a fan, and here’s to K-Pop making it BIG globally!