In The Spotlight : Kimbra

We didn’t know New Zealand had such talents hidden down there! Think Billie Holiday-sort-of-meets-Florence Welsh, with a sprinkling of Adele and Amy Winehouse (sort of again). And you have New Zealand born Australia based 21-year-old singer/songwriter Kimbra. One listen to what she has to offer on her début album ‘Vows‘, and you’re bound to notice the fierceness.

Her musical style may be defined as Alternative-Indie-Soul-Jazz, slightly veering towards British Soul that Miss-topper-of-every-damn-chart-worldwide Adele has delivered (and how!) to every ordinary home vehemently thriving on the epilepsy inducing traumatic cacophony music of Lady Gargoyle and co (we still irrevocably love them though, just not right now when REALLY great music might be available as well).

Kimbra’s singles ‘Settle Down‘, ‘Good Intent‘ and ‘Cameo Lover‘ have all charted in Australia and New Zealand, while her album ‘Vows‘ has been certified Gold in Australia since it’s release in September, after peaking at # 4 on the charts. She’s also been in the spotlight for collaborating with fellow Australian singer Gotye on his # 1 single ‘Somebody That I Used To Know‘, that has been certified 5 times Platinum in Australia. Impressive stuff, mayhaps a State-side release along with some promo in Europe might just push the album and Kimbra to Adele-like heights someday?

Kimbra’s been writing songs since the age of 10 (clearly very over-talented) and she released her first music video ‘Smile‘ at the age of 12 for a New Zealand kids TV Show (HOW do you release your own music video when you’re 12?? I was busy trying to squeeze my over-sized rump in my school pants whilst lamenting about my wretched existence.The golden era y’all).

Back to Kimbra. She’s got pipes. Yes, and they sound better than most pipes (hah!) available out there *coughs* Rihanna *coughs* Gaga *COUGHS* Katy Perry *pneumonia*.

Now here’s the thing. Give her a listen. Just try it. This woman from down-under deserves it. She personally asked me to tell you guys. Like REALLY! (okay I made that up). She sings, she dances, she wears a lovely pink skirt-like-thing in her videos (check out ‘Cameo Lover‘) and she dances in front of a pink suited man wearing pink lipstick (there’s nothing more insanely gorgeous than a stud in pink lipstick to women these’s FASHION y’all!), and she does a lot of other nice things as well! Major chutzpah people! In other words..she’s someone you might wanna look out for!