Stuck In My Head : Kelly Rowland’s ‘Down For Whatever’

What’s up with these women who were once a part of this group called Destiny’s Child? The super-preggy Beyoncé’s dropping video after video from her album ‘4‘, and within a few months of its debut, the 6th video from the album ‘Party‘ is scheduled to be released. Probably cuz none of the singles from Beyoncé’s new album have been certified hits with ‘Best Thing I Never Had‘ and ‘Run The World (Girls)‘ barely managing to chart for a few weeks (The UK has been kind to the former song though, with it blasting in at # 3, and then dropping off faster than Lady Gaga getting a costume change).

And Beyoncé’s stepping up her game with each passing trimester. What next? A Cirque-du-Solil-esque performance of ‘Party‘ or ‘Love On Top‘ during the delivery of mini-bey on a new world tour titled the  ‘I Am…Fiercely Pregnant‘ world tour? Pregnant ladies of the world..STEP UP YOUR GAME!

And then we have band-mate Kelly Rowland who has decided to suddenly become this super-sexy-juicy-divalicious-vixen person with the release of her latest album ‘Here I Am‘, and is on a video releasing spree of her own. Just days after literally MELTING DOWN THE HOUSE with her I-Wanna-Lick-You-All-Over-ish video for ‘Lay It On Me‘, Kelly’s dropped a new video for one of the best tracks on the album ‘Down For Whatever‘.

Thumping beats, minimal clothing, loadsa seductive moves and great vocals make this a club-banger, and this one’s tailor-made to get them clothes off you! Kelly’s followed her Idol Janet Jackson as far as this album’s concerned.

Kelly’s voice is amazing people, it’s easy to forget that Beyoncé’s not the only with pipes that please. And when it comes to dance music, Kelly owns the game as far as the ladies of DC are concerned!


  • Clinton Jeff

    Man that is a gorgeous picture of her there! ^