5 Songs To Totally Shake Your Boo-tay To This Weekend!

It’s Friday peeps! And no I’m not about to promote Rebecca Black’s epic anthem in this post. It’s that time of the week again when we drag our tired backsides (ridiculously sagged down really low, like lower-than- sea-level low, thanks to jobs we’re forever pissy at) to the dance floors and shake them like it’s nobody’s bizness (duh)!

But then seriously folks, there’s nothing like some great dance music to let it all out and get into the groove. Madonna aka Santa-Hagdonna couldn’t have sung it better.

So get your play-lists ready, slaughter a cow, wear it all around you, drag an extra-reluctant sheep/iguana/partridge wherever you go, and you’re totally set to hit the floor! (or maybe not).

Here are 5 must-have songs on that dance playlist of yours this week, so y’all can werque  them boo-tays on the dance floor!

1. I’m Your Friend – Gregor Salto feat Chappell

2. We Found Love – Rihanna feat Calvin Harris

3. We’re All No One – Nervo feat Afrojack and Steve Aoki

4. In The Dark – Dev

5. Heat – Gloria Estefan

Have a blast, and happy weekend people!