Stuck In My Head: Gloria Estefan’s ‘Heat’

The 54-year-old Queen of Latin Music still knows how to get your groove on! She’s back with her 1st English/Spanglish album in 8 years ‘Miss Little Havana‘ which boasts of productions by Pharrell and Emilio Estefan. And in all honesty I wasn’t expecting anything incredible, but some good old Gloria classics.

I was pleasantly surprised with the stuff she’s created, and a handful of the tracks definitely stand out, especially the two that are totally stuck in my head!

Heat‘ boasts of thumping beats and could have easily been a J.Lo smash, and I’m definitely including this in my dance playlist.

I Can’t Believe‘ is another Hip-Hop-meets-Latin Dance that’s tailor-made to get your groove on. This one’s for warm and sultry summer nights when you wanna get down and dirty!

Both these songs are single-worthy, and a coupla remixes featuring Missy Elliot or Lil Wayne might just push these songs to the upper reaches of the chart. Gloria’s already recruited Pitbull for the remix of her first single ‘Wepa‘, although I feel that ‘Heat‘ would’ve been a stronger first single.

Either way, with over 100 million albums sold, 7 Grammy’s, and a worldwide legion of fans, Gloria’s still got it good!