Coldplay Unveils ‘Paradise’ Video

FINALLY the guys have upped their game to give some stiff competition to Lady Gargoyle and Nicki Minaj, who refuse to wear or appear anything remotely human in their videos! And in their quest to do so, the members of Coldplay have decided that the best way to tackle the hyper-crazy diva-domination is to dress up as elephants and gallivant in South Africa on a unicycle in their latest video! That’s totally GENIUS y’all!! Check out the video below!

Firstly, how CUTE are those elephants?! Are Chris Martin and co inside those costumes? One of them does look like Chris, during that fleeting second he takes of his costume while zooming away on his unicycle. Cool stuff though!(elephant costumes..duh)

Now all the band needs is an OMG-how-AMAZING-is-that video for their latest greatest-epicest-love-song-evurrr ‘Princess Of China‘ featuring nasal empress Rihanna. That damn song’s been EATING up my head ever since it’s been released! And whose totally genius idea was it to pair Rihanna with Coldplay? Cuz in all honesty these two have created an epic masterpiece that’s waiting to give Miss Adele a run for her Grammy’s for Record and Song of the year!