Janet Jackson Looks SIZZLING HAWTT In Blackglama Photoshoot!

What has she done for us lately? For starters, she’s in the middle of the 2nd leg of her sold-out ‘Up, Close And Personal‘ World Tour that has taken her from Asia to North America to Europe to the Middle East, her latest stop being Abu Dhabi where she just made an entire arena full of screaming fans very VERY happy indeed!

It’s easy to see where the younger crop of Divas get their inspiration from, especially Rihanna, who for some incredibly profound reason cannot stop releasing a new album every time she sneezes, and BeyoncĂ©, who for the life in her cannot STOP performing and releasing new videos ever since she announced her pregnancy (a rousing live rendition of ‘1+1‘ during the delivery of mini-bey should send the album back to # 1,and net her first top 10 hit from this project for SURE).

Miss Jackson (if you’re nasty)’s latest promos for Blackglama’s ‘What Becomes A Legend Most?’ campaign indicates Janet has clearly decided that she cannot stop looking amazing. While you start ooh-aah-ing over Janet’s hawt new pics, you might just wanna gawk over the fact that she’s 45 (Gaga and co…SIT DOWN).

Janet’s whirlwind tour (where she’s been working those dance-moves like it’s nobody’s bizness) will be heading to Australia next, with South America rumored to be next in line after the kangaroo-people. And if you’re anywhere in the vicinity of these places, mayhaps you wanna check out what the hullabaloo is all about? (err..3 decades in the bizz and 100 million albums sold, she’s a living legend people! duh!)


And get them tickets asap, as everything within a 500-mile radius of her venues is pretty much sold out! It’s the Quh-ween we’re talking about y’all!