Stuck In My Head : ‘Vessel’ By Zola Jesus

Russian-born Wisconsin bred Zola Jesus reminds me of an interesting concoction of Bjork-meets-Christina Aguilera-meets-Florence Welsh. She’s been around for the past few years, and after browsing through some of her stuff, I can definitely say she’s an artist y’all need to watch out for. Her musical style is an eclectic mix of industrial, goth and experimental rock, and her vocals are pretty haunting and dark. And she’s got pipes.

Zola’s 3rd full-length album ‘Conatus‘ was just released last week, and the lead single ‘Vessel‘ is an electro-industrial experimental creation that sounds pretty darn good! The video’s as eclectic as the song itself.

According to an interview by Zola in the New York Times, she states that the video’s moth life cycle represents the fleeting nature of dreams.

Now I don’t really get the whole ‘out of this milky way‘ concept, but ‘Vessel‘ is definitely an audio-visual treat.

This is good stuff people, and I recommend y’all to get the album if you enjoyed what you just heard.

  • Sandeep Arora

    feels like shes speaking to me….amin trippy trancey mode….