Nicki Minaj’s ‘SuperBust’ ??!

I mostly love Mizz Harajuku Barbie cuz she’s changed the face of Rap music. But then I also love this Barbie Doll gone Bjork for the very reason that the plethora of outfits she wears on a regular basis when she decides to make an appearance in public makes Mamma Monster Superior Gargoylicious looks like the regular Jane/Jo (whatever gender Gaga chooses to be). Not to mention that her facial expressions and her music go extremely well with whatever she wears. Like I said, we all lurrrve Mizz Minaj!

Just a while ago she was rocking a hawt pink chicken wing necklace, and a while before that a pom-pom embellished outfit while she bore a smug look perched right next to Anna Wintour. The girl knows fashion y’all!

And now the ‘Superbass‘ crooner lets it all hang out while she and Pitbull announce the 2011 American Music Awards Nominations, where she’s snagged 2 coveted nominations (woohoo!!).

Mayhaps a little inspiration from mentor/arch-rival/rap icon Lil’ Kim? Mizz Kim, as we all know, has let it ALL hang out, especially at the infamous MTV VMA appearance when a very amused Diana Ross went ahead and gave Kim a tender pat on her bosom on stage!


Well, I dunno about Superbust, but ‘Superbass‘ has become one of the biggest hits this year, and here’s to Mizz Harajuku Barbie for changing the rules of the game!