Lady Gaga Brings A Sheep To ‘The Jonathan Ross Show’ !?!

It’s a common┬ácourtesy to carry a gift for the host when you’ve been invited to a talk show. But when it’s Mamma Gargoyle paying you a visit, you might just wanna forget swiss chocolates, aromatic oils or candles! Jonathan Ross learned it the hard way, when Mizz Gaga strutted in dragging an incredibly reluctant over-sized sheep on a leash. And the sheep had a name too, Kevin! (there’s nothing more human than naming an obese barn creature ‘Kevin’).

Well, animal activists should be happy that she’s dragging live animals to shows instead of wearing semi-dead ones. Hallelujah!

Later on she performed her current single ‘You And I‘. (mayhaps Kevin was brought in cuz of the barnyard theme of the video? The GENIUS that is Gaga!!)

Either way, Kevin steals the show y’all. Just check out that swagger like Jagger! Perhaps he might sound like Jagger too, especially like how Jagger sounds on his latest calamity ‘SuperHeavy‘.

  • Pawera