Christina Aguilera Performs ‘Dirty Diana’, Beyonce ‘I Wanna Be Where You Are’ At ‘Michael Forever’ Tribute

In spite of being marred with controversy, the ‘Michael Jackson Forever‘ tribute at Cardiff’s Millennium Stadium went off better than expected. Although The Black Eyed Peas pulled out at the last-minute citing ‘unavoidable circumstances‘, pop A-Listers like Cee Lo Green, Leona Lewis, Alexandra Burke, Jamie Foxx etc put up quite a show, which also saw a surprise and rare  appearance by the late King Of Pop’s children Paris, Prince Michael and Blanket. Siblings Jermaine and fellow pop icon Janet chose to stay away citing the ongoing trial of Dr Conrad Murray as the reason.

Mamma-to-be Mizz preggy Beyoncé performed ‘I Wanna Be Where You Are‘ via satellite, and Christina Aguilera performed a sassy version of  ‘Dirty Diana‘ and ‘Smile‘.

Beyoncé’s performance was great (that bun in the oven seems to bring out the best in her). Mizz Aguilera’s vocals were amazing, although I don’t know about the ensemble that she wore on stage. She seemed to be bursting out of  whatever she was wearing, and it looked like she revisited her ‘Dirrty‘ days after hibernating inside a chocolate factory and bloating up. And her blonde hair (zomg?!) required a separate arena to display itself!!

She’s back on top after a decade with ‘Moves Like Jagger‘ proving to be one of biggest hits all over the globe this year, and her role in ‘The Voice‘ has garnered positive reviews. Now that things are looking up for her after the ‘Bionic‘ fiasco, the divorce, the national anthem blotch-up etc, she just needs to tone herself down a bit and get back in the game. Just cuz you’re a fan of Adele doesn’t mean you start looking like a cheaper version of her Christina (duh!).