Stuck In My Head : Demi Lovato Featuring Dev – ‘Who’s That Boy’

Demi Lovato’s all grown up y’all (you know that when the lyrics of her new single scream – ‘I could see us makin’ waves, from the back of the club, to a bed in the shade‘), and the former Disney princess has a coupla great tracks on her new album ‘Unbroken‘. And the second single ‘Who’s That Boy‘ is already creating a buzz, especially cuz she’s collaborated with the latest diva making it big in the scene, Dev.

The hook on this one’s pretty infectious, and it’s the kinda song that gets stuck in your head after a few listens. A must-have on your playlist, especially when you’re travelling. Make sure you don’t get too carried away in public while listening to the song, as this one’s bound to make you shake a leg, or a butt.

It’s fun, breezy and a great listen on the dance floor as well. A coupla remixes should propel this one to the top of the dance charts. Demi’s sounding better than ever, and Dev sounds as great as she does on her current chart-buster ‘In The Dark‘.

Watch out for this one, it’s bound to hit the charts pretty soon. Especially after a funked up video featuring the two young divas is released.