Lady Gaga’s New Single Is…

Little Monsters need to get their dancing shoes on, as their Mother Gargoyle has chosen ‘Marry The Night‘ as her next single. But the single will be released in the UK as of now, and her label’s contemplating whether to release ‘Hair‘ as the next single in the US or go along with ‘Marry The Night‘.

Marry The Night‘ seems to be a fan fave, although IĀ prefer ‘Hair‘ any day.

Will this be her next # 1 single? That top spot on the charts seems to be eluding her for quite a while now. Maybe she needs a little help from Mizz collaborate-with-everyone Rihanna for a nice repackaged edition of ‘Born This Way‘, which was pretty much touted as the album of the decade, until Adele came along and whooped every one of them diva’s Gucci’dĀ backside, and the mighty Mother Monster had to take a humble bow. Riri seems to have no problem in getting a # 1 single, although she has yet to visit the penthouse of the albums chart irrespective of releasing one every time the weather changed.