Kelly Clarkson Unveils ‘Mr Know It All’ Video

Ok, this I did NOT expect. I almost had a guy-bashing video etched out in my mind for Kelly’s latest single, but this one turned out to be a feisty critic/hater bashing video instead.

Firstly, Kelly looks hawt! She’s never been a size zero, and has generally yo-yo’d as far as her weight is concerned. But even with her slightly full figure, she’s brought back the heat with her new look! The video’s slightly autobiographical as well, as there’s a wall on the background with negative headlines against her from her past that scream ‘Why So Single Kelly?’ or ‘Sponsors Drop Kelly‘. And as she sings the lines ‘You Don’t Know A Thing About Me‘ with this backdrop of headlines and videos depicting her negative portrayal by her critics, the song suddenly takes on a completely new dimension.

A Kelly Clarkson video has always been an event to look forward to. I’m glad that even after a decade of being in this bizness, the original American Idol seems to have grown stronger than ever before! Way to go Kelly!

  • Rohan Tribhuwan

    I cant bloody wait for the video! I love the song so!!