Lady Gaga’s Alternate Videos For ‘You And I’

Our reverend Mother Monster aka Lady Gargoyle has been releasing alternate ‘fashion videos‘ for her current hit ‘You And I‘, and she’s decided to release 5 versions of the original video. The first 3 have already been released, with the 3rd one making its début last week. Missing the coveted # 1 spot now, are we? Although she’s had all 4 singles of her latest album making it to the top 10 of the charts, apart from over-hyped title track of  ‘Born This Way‘, none of her singles have made it to # 1, with ‘Judas‘ almost dropping out of the charts faster than Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday‘. Her fellow divas in the game have all raked up multiple # 1’s from their latest offerings, including Adele, Rihanna and Katy Perry, who just equaled Michael Jackson’s record of 5 # 1’s from a single album.

Anyway, we all love Mother Gargoyle. And when Gaga dishes out madness, we enjoy it, especially her never-ending stream of alter-egos.

The first of the alternate videos, labelled as ‘Haus of U‘ feat. Nymph (err..omg?!), Gaga actually looks..*hold your breath*.. BEAUTIFUL!! This is Gaga in her most natural element that we’ve ever seen, and that simple white dress, the long flowing hair, and that vulnerable look in her eye reveals for the first time what lies beneath all that Monster Madness she portrays! It’s a simple black-and-white video, and the only hint of color is visible near the end of the video in the form of her golden-blonde hair and a slight blush on her cheeks. This one’s reminiscent of Janet Jackson’s iconic 1991 black-and-white video ‘Love Will Never Do‘ in which Janet unveiled a stunningly sexy image for the first time after a decade of being a tomboy and being covered up in military outfits. Gaga, we know you love your eccentricity and stuff, but damn, you’re beautiful gurrll!!! Why not stick to it for a few videos now and then?

By the time you get used to the beautiful Gaga in the first video, the second one hits you smack on your face and brings you back to the reality of Gaga. It’s labelled as ‘Haus of U‘ featuring Bride, and here Gaga’s part human, part monster and mostly semi-nude, just about managing to cover her lady lumps with extreme difficulty. Madonna anyone? She’s dressed in all black, and she wears the over-sized hat seen in the original video, which she takes off along with most of her clothing as well as her wig. This one’s all Gaga.

The third and latest installment is titled ‘Haus of U‘ featuring Yuyi, and Gaga’s mermaid alter-ego Yuyi makes an appearance in this one, along with Gaga’s stylist Nicola Formichetti who has a small cameo. The video mostly shows Gaga gyrating her fins on a director’s chair along with a few back-stage clips.

With the first 3 generating enough interest already, bring on the next two I say!! In the meantime Gaga’s apparently getting ready to meet her Little Monsters in India as she’s scheduled to perform in New Delhi’s first F1 Grand Prix next month. do you think Gaga will look in an ethnic Indian sari? Haus of Gaga, are you listening?