Jennifer Hudson As Winnie Mandela In ‘Winnie’

This girl’s seen it all. From being eliminated from American Idol to winning an Academy Award, from grabbing a Grammy for her début album to coping up with life after the horrific trauma of losing her mother, brother and nephew in a single shoot-out. And now that she’s lost all that weight, she’s looking positively fabulous! This sure is inspirational stuff.

Her new album ‘I Remember Me‘ just received a gold certification in the US, and now she’s back again on the big screen portraying the famed South African activist Winnie Mandela in the biopic ‘Winnie‘. Actor Terrence Howard plays Nelson Mandela in the flick.

The trailer looks promising. And with Jennifer’s previous track record of delivering jaw-dropping performances in Dreamgirls and The Secret Life Of Bees, this one looks like a winner for her.

Another shot at the Oscars by Mizz Hudson for this one? I sure hope so!