In The Spotlight : Asa

Think Morcheeba meets Erykah Badu or Janelle Monae. There’s something about French-Nigerian singer Asa (pronounced Asha) that subtly indicates major talent. She’s been around for a while, although it’s her latest album ‘Beautiful Imperfection‘ that’s gotten people’s attention lately. With Adele bringing about a much-needed change in the scene, the demand for something other than dance music seems to be on the rise. And the fact that Asa’s music is an intelligent combination of neo-soul-funk-pop that sounds easy on the ears definitely makes this album worthy of a listen. There aren’t too many artists specializing in this genre anyway, with Janelle Monae being one of the most successful artists of late. And Asa does sound like a breath of fresh air. Especially in her latest single ‘Why Can’t We‘.

This one’s pretty infectious and the video looks like a technicolor party from the 60’s, and the carefree melody just about makes you stop whatever you’re doing to get down and boogie!

Ditto with the first single from ‘Beautiful Imperfection‘ titled ‘Be My Man‘. This one’s funk-pop at it’s best, and Asa’s voice flows effortlessly over the distinctive retro-soul groove. The video shot in a diner is a throwback to Janet Jackson’s iconic 1986 funk-soul-dance video ‘What Have You Done For Me Lately‘, and goes stunningly well with the song.

Check out the album, it’s already big in the UK now. Asa’s been performing in the festival circuit all over Europe, and she has her own headline gig at London’s KOKO this October as well. She’s definitely one artist that you need to watch out for.