Jennifer Lopez Unveils ‘Papi’, Brings Back Dance-Break!

The endlessly incredible Mizz Jenny From The Block has just unveiled the video for her brand new single ‘Papi‘. In all honesty, I had expected this video to be shot in a club where Jennifer would naturally bring the house down with her troupe of dancers¬†and her fabulously flawless boo-tay . But for my second fave single off her album ‘Love?‘, J.Lo kept it fun and different from the regular generic stuff out there, and even included a small dance break near the end of the video, like she used to back in the day (although she did have a dance-break in her 2nd single ‘I’m Into You‘ as well, which was actually a sample of ‘Papi‘).¬†This is fun stuff!

Already a successful comeback story this year, she’s also riding high on her recent multiple MTV Europe VMA Awards Nominations where she’s competing against the likes of Rihanna, Adele, Katy Perry and of course the ever omnipresent Lady Gargoyle. Lets see how many of these diva-lings make it to the VMA Nomination list when they’re 40 and rocking it like Mizz J.Lo here!