Sean Paul Returns With ‘Got 2 Luv U’ feat Alexis Jordan

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Sean Paul around. Back in the day, he was a bankable artist and his work generally extrapolated into an international # 1 song. The current scenario though is a different ball-game altogether. And it’s a rare phenomenon for an artist to make a comeback after years of being oblivious. The singer teams up with newcomer Alexis Jordan, who’s already a star in the UK, for his comeback single ‘Got 2 Luv U‘.

Overall a nice song, although it’s not as ground breaking as any of his previous stuff like ‘Temperature‘ or ‘Get Busy‘, that made him into a global superstar. Alexis shines through with her sensuous touch to the song. The song’s catchy, but whether it’s catchy enough to bring Sean back to the top of the charts is yet to be seen.

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