Rihanna Takes It Off For Armani, Tweets About New Album This Fall

Like I’d already mentioned before, Rihanna’s EVERYWHERE these days. Whether she’s collaborating with everybody with functional vocal cords, or promoting her own album, or entering the Guiness Book Of World Records as the only female act to have # 1 singles in the UK for 5 consecutive years, she’s made sure that she’s being shoved down our throats whether we like her or not.

Not that we mind though, considering that she occasionally comes up with some great and fun stuff to dance to. 10 of which have topped the Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart, although a # 1 album has eluded her so far. Which is precisely why fans of RiRi went into a frenzy when she tweeted and teased them about her new album releasing this fall itself, within a year of her last release ‘Loud‘. This one might just become her first # 1 album, especially since ‘Loud‘ has become a bona-fide smash with sales of over 4 million units worldwide, and has generated 3 Billboard # 1 singles, along with her 19th Top 10 hit ‘Cheers (Drink To That)’.

Until then, Rihanna steams it up with her new stripped down retro blonde look for Armani, as she replaces Megan Fox in their ads. She’s already a fashion icon, and she’s reminiscent of Janet Jackson back in the day when Janet stripped it down to a pair of jeans and nothing more during her 1993 ‘janet.‘ era, as well as when she rocked red hair and nipple-rings during ‘The Velvet Rope‘ era.

If it’s Janet she’s channeling, she’s on the right track. Coincidentally both have the same number of Billboard # 1 Singles, although Janet earned her’s over a period of 3 decades and without the help of any collaborations at all. Long way to go for Rihanna to reach where Janet is, although she’s off to a pretty good start.