Rascal Flatts And Natasha Bedingfield Collaborate On ‘Easy’

Now we all know that Natasha Bedingfield is one helluva vocalist. She’s one of the few Brits to enjoy consistent success in the US since the release of her début album ‘Unwritten‘ in 2004. I was kinda surprised when her last album, the brilliantly crafted ‘Strip Me‘, released in the US last year almost sank without a trace, in spite of having a coupla amazing tracks. Maybe cuz she focused on the music instead of creating monster-themed videos or enlisting fellow ‘artists’ to re-mix/re-create/re-hash/re-release her entire album?

Anyway, once you’re out of the scene, you need all the gimmicks you can to get back on the charts these days, especially since good music alone will guarantee you no sales or chart success. And Natasha seems to have gone the tried and tested way of collaborating with a variety of artists from different genres to make her presence felt again before she stages a solo comeback.

Whats surprising about Natasha’s collaborations is the sheer diversity of the musical genres she’s decided to venture into. While she ventures into country for the first time with country super-group Rascal Flatts, she has already ventured into rock by collaborating with Simple Plan earlier this year on their single ‘Jet Lag‘. Interestingly, Natasha has also collaborated with Nicki Minaj on the superbly crafted song ‘Last Chance‘ from Nicki’s album ‘Pink Friday‘, although rap and hip-hop is a territory she has successfully experimented with in the past.

On her first foray into country music, Natasha blends effortlessly and amazingly well in the song ‘Easy‘ by Rascal Flatts. Taking a cue from fellow diva Kelly Clarkson, I think Natasha made a wise decision by venturing into country. It definitely ensures a whole lotta chart success in times like these. The video’s Cinderella theme’s good, while Natasha does look like a dream. All poised for a major comeback.

The song is the 3rd single from Rascal Flatt’s latest album ‘Nothing Like This‘, and is moving up the Billboard Hot 100 as well as the Hot Country Singles Chart, and I’m pretty sure this will crack the upper reaches of the charts soon.

Her collaboration with Simple Plan ‘Jet Lag‘ was pretty amazing too, and it’s done considerably well in a whole lotta territories. It’s one of my favorite songs this year and is definitely worth a listen.

And the duet with Nicki Minaj is probably one of Natasha’s best creations till date. Nicki should release ‘Last Chance‘ as the next single from ‘Pink Friday‘ accompanied by a funkdafied video. This one’s tailor-made to top the charts, especially in Europe.

Either way, it’s Natasha who seems to be gaining the most from these collabs. And she’s one artist who rightfully deserves her place back in the spotlight.