Stuck In My Head : Will Young – ‘Jealousy’

Psst..remember Will Young? In case you don’t, he was the winner of the first season of the show ‘Pop Idol‘ in 2002, beating Gareth Gates. So basically that made him the first member of the prolonged list of products churned out by the never-ending ‘Idol‘ franchise. I was never much of a fan of his work, maybe an occasional song here and there. But the first single ‘Jealousy‘ from his new album ‘Echoes‘ is probably the best song and video he’s created over his decade long career. Lyrically, musically and vocally, the song displays a major growth for the singer. The video is a perfect fit for the song, especially since he came out as gay in 2002 and is at ease with his sexuality. It’s bold, and kudos to Will for daring to go his own way.

This one’s been stuck in my head and has grown on me over the past few days. The melody’s great, the beats are groovy, and the song’s just about perfect.

The song’s also been making major moves on the charts in the UK, debuting at # 5 on the UK Top 40, making it his first top 5 hit here in almost 5 years, while ‘Echoes‘ stormed in at # 1 on the albums chart, making it his first # 1 album in 8 years. He last reached the top with his 2003 album ‘Friday’s Child‘. Looks like he’s in for a major comeback this year.

Give it a listen, this one’s worth it.