Red Hot : Natalia Kills Feat – Free

At first look this looks like Lady Gaga took a detour from her regular madness and decided to dress up like Nicki Minaj. But give it a closer look, and 25-year-old English singer-songwriter and actress Natalia Kills does manage to hold your attention with her new single ‘Free‘ featuring The reason she scores a few points? For starters, she sounds pretty good, and the song’s catchy. The video on the other hand tries to be provocative, and does a pretty decent job of it too. fits in like he usually does in most of his stuff. The result is that ‘Free‘ becomes one of those songs you end up humming unknowingly, and one of those tunes that keep playing inside your head on loop for no damn reason.

Free‘ is from Natalia’s new album ‘Perfectionist‘ that was released in April this year.