Red Hot: Cobra Starship and Sabi’s ‘You Make Me Feel..’


This one’s gonna lead you straight to the dance floor and leave you panting. Cobra Starship’s ‘You Make Me Feel..‘ featuring Sabi is the first single from their latest album ‘Night Shades‘ which was released last week, and this stuff is funky! While lead singer Gabe Saporta sounds smooth, it’s rapper/singer Sabi you need to watch out for. She blends in so effortlessly with the song, and her vocals seem to naturally accentuate Gabe’s. Good choice for a duet.

The video’s pretty cool too, with the concept of a photo-booth that clicks your pics along with reading your mind, following which people get down and dirty, while Gabe and Sabi end up finding each other after a wild search in the club, following which they get their pic clicked from the booth, and it reads ‘complete‘. The song’s already at # 18 on the Billboard Hot 100 and seems like it’ll hit the top 10 soon enough.

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