Red Hot : Dev’s ‘In The Dark’


Dev’s new single ‘In The Dark‘ from her upcoming album ‘The Night The Sun Came Up‘ is all set to make a splash on the charts. Keeping up with the recent trends in music that’s generally topping the charts globally (with Adele being a rare exception), the song has it all. A healthy dose of electronica with thumping beats and coy lyrics, it’s tailor-made to hit the clubs. Nothing too different from what Kesha and co have come up with lately…but then i guess there’s no point complaining about it, considering that we all enjoy a groovy dance number! Especially when she coos ‘Tell me baby if it’s wrong/ to let my hands do what they want?’, you know you wanna get all nasty to this number on the floor!



Dev’s already had a considerable amount of success in both the US and UK, when her collaboration with the group Far East Movement ‘Like A G6‘ topped the US charts, while her solo debut single ‘Bass Down Low’ reached the top 10 of the UK Top 40.

Apparently a remixed version of this single with Flo Rida is set be released as well. Looks like she’s next in line after Kesha, Gaga, Katy, Britney, Rihanna and the prolonged list of new age divas making it to the top of the charts.