Single Preview : Bjork’s Crystalline

If you’re a true blue Bjork fan like me, then you’ve waited patiently for 4 years to see what the original Mother Monster comes up with. 20 years into her stellar music career, Bjork has seldom held herself within boundaries of the norm,  and has redefined the term ‘left of the middle’ time and again.

So when she finally unveiled ‘Crystalline‘, the first single off her upcoming 7th studio album ‘Biophilia‘ (releasing September 27, 2011), she did not disappoint in any way. In true Bjork style, ‘Biophilia‘, the follow up to 2007’s ‘Volta‘, is something the world has not witnessed before, as it’s the world’s first app album, created on an iPad, where each song is released as a series of apps.

The song itself is explosive, with Bjork’s soaring vocals pitched against heavy percussion beats with a subtle dose of electronica, while she compares the phenomenon of crystal formation to her own personal growth process.


Personally, my fave Bjork albums are ‘Homogenic‘, ‘Vespertine‘ and ‘Post‘, and in a way i
find ‘Crystalline‘ to be a throwback to the ‘Homogenic‘ project released in 1997. And I’m not complaining considering the fact that Homogenic produced some of the best songs and videos of Bjork’s career, including my personal faves ‘All Is Full Of Love‘ and ‘Joga‘.

The video for ‘Crystalline‘ too is Bjork all the way. Directed by long-term associate Michel Gondry, the video combines stunning visuals of neon lasers hitting the moon’s surface and crystals growing rapidly off the moon’s craters,  while Bjork sings away from the inside of a metallic disc. Like i said…it’s all Bjork.Decades before Lady Gaga walked the red carpet in her meat dress or in the inside of an egg, Bjork had already been there, done that with her infamous swan dress as well as the mop look.

Musically too, the sound which Bjork created in the 90’s with her electronica infused dance pop has become mainstream now, with everybody from Rihanna to Gaga, Kesha, Katy Perry, Britney, Christina, Cee Lo Green, Nicki Minaj using a healthy dose of her style. Just goes to show how Bjork was way ahead of her times. It’s good to have true talent back!