Lady Gaga’s ‘You And I’ Video Leaks


The 4th video from Lady Gaga’s chart topping album ‘Born This Way‘, for the Nebraska shot country tinged power ballad ‘You And I‘ leaked online two days before her much touted première on MTV on August 18th. The video shows the Mother Monster going back to her  trademark flamboyant madness, after her comparatively bland 3rd video ‘Edge Of Glory’ .



The video features Gaga as a mermaid named Yuyi, a man (reminiscent of Cher’s ‘Walking In Memphis‘ video) who’s apparently her male alter ego Jo Calderone and who drinks and furiously kisses and grabs his female Doppelganger, an experimental creature with a slight touch of S’n’M, a gushing bride, a distressed lover with bloodied feet wearing her trade mark high heels and an over sized hat, a dead creature floating in a tank of liquid, and as a dancer in a leather ensemble executing an impressive dance routine. All of which, according to Gaga, explains the ‘torture’ of being away from the one you love. The video’s all Gaga, and this is her first ballad to be released as a video. Which is good cuz she needs to branch out in different genres if she needs to grow as an artist. Shock and awe can only work up to a certain limit, and overdoing it certainly won’t help. That’s precisely why her Godmothers Madonna and Janet Jackson can still command the music scene after being in this game for 30 years.