The Baby-Making Music Playlist


So lets say you’ve finally brought that special someone home, made an elaborate dinner for him/her, poured the wine, lit those aromatic candles, held his/her hand, and basically managed to make your first move after going over it 25,567 times in your head over the past week (oooh mamma!). And that’s precisely when the reverend Lady Gaga comes up on your playlist screeching ‘JUDAAAS JUD-AA-AA-SS‘ like her platinum laced spark-spewing electric bra depends on it!! Might as well spend the rest of the evening discussing the arms deal in Libya (duuhh). Or maybe the eco-system. Or maybe the world economic forum!

No evening of romance is complete without the right songs on your playlist y’all. It sets the mood, the ambiance and generally brings you into a comfort zone and helps you ‘get into the groove‘!

Here are 10 essential songs that need to feature on that playlist of yours (in no particular order), and I call this the baby making playlist. Get it on peeps!


1. By Your Side – Sade


Sade arguably has one of the most sensual voices of all time, and By Your Side, taken from her 2001 multi-platinum album Lovers Rock is THE song to play when you’re just warming up. Ideal for a warm cuddle session.


2. Feeling Good – Nina Simone (Joe Claussell Remix)


The High Priestess of Soul, Mizz Nina Simone has a voice that reminds me of warm hot chocolate on a dry winter evening. The Joe Claussell Remix of this classic track is a must-play during fore-play!


3. Anytime, Anyplace  – Janet Jackson


No baby-making playlist is complete without the Queen of baby making music herself, the legendary Mizz Janet Jackson. The very term ‘baby-making music’ was coined by her, and although the world knows Janet cuz of her iconic and genre defining dance music, it’s her sensual songs that won over a whole new generation of fanatics.

Here’s the first of 2 songs by Miss Jackson gracing today’s list. Anytime,Anyplace peaked at # 2 on the Hot 100 and at # 1 on the R’n’B Charts for 10 consecutive weeks in 1993 , while parent album ‘Janet.‘ broke records worldwide becoming Janet Jackson’s biggest selling album of her career, selling over a jaw-dropping 22 million units worldwide.


4. Say Yes – Floetry


British R’n’B duo Floetry has it on lock as they croon seductively ‘All you gotta do is say yes..don’t deny what you feel, let me undress you babe‘. Taken from their 2002 debut album Floetic, Say Yes was both a critical and commercial success reaching # 8 on the Billboard R’n’B Charts.


5. You’re Makin’ Me High – Toni Braxton


Toni’s voice is enough to get it on. This 1995 Grammy winning Billboard # 1 single taken from her 8 times Platinum sophomore album ‘Secrets‘ is the stuff warm fantasies are made up of!


6. Sweet Misery – Amel Larrieux

Not too many people know about her, but give her a try. Her voice is a blend of Jill Scott and Katie Melua, and sounds positively divine. This one’s a must have on that playlist!


7. A Long Walk – Jill Scott


Jill Scott is probably one of the most prolific neo-soul artists of our times. A decade in the business, and she scored her first  Billboard # 1 album when her latest offering The Light Of The Sun debuted at the penthouse a few weeks ago. A Long Walk is taken from her multi-platinum Grammy nominated 2000 debut album Who Is Jill Scott? , and is an apt example of her stunning vocals.


8. Wait Till You See Him – Ella Fitzgerald (De Phazz Emotional Remix)


A baby-making playlist without a song by the First Lady Of Song, Ella Fitzgerald would be blasphemous. The De Phazz remix of this number is a personal favourite!


9. The Closest Thing To Crazy – Katie Melua


Alright, this one’s not for those who wanna pounce on each other and rip apart clothes and appendages. On the contrary, this one’s ideal for a slow dance, feeling vulnerable and royally snuggling away. I’ve been fascinated by Katie’s voice for years now, but this particular number, taken from her multi million selling 2003 debut album Call Of The Search which spent a whopping 6 weeks at # 1, makes me go weak in the knees whenever it’s played.


10. That’s The Way Love Goes – Janet Jackson


Miss Jackson’s longest running # 1 single on the Billboard Charts (8 weeks at # 1) as well as one of her biggest hits globally, this song smashed records worldwide, and heralded the arrival of a grown woman comfortable with her own sexuality. Fans and music lovers were left gaping in awe as Janet shed away her military style outfits and did away with her tomboy looks, resurfacing as a strong confidant woman and a global pop icon with the release of her 1993 iconic album ‘Janet.’, which went on to produce 6 consecutive top 10 hits including 2 # 1 singles, and pushed her ahead of her contemporaries Madonna and Whitney Houston. Check out a young Jennifer Lopez heating things up in the background along with Janet Jackson in the fantastic video produced by Janet’s then husband Rene Elizondo Jr. And if you do not have this song on your playlist, you might as well scoot of to the hills and pray for world peace, cuz you ain’t gettin’ any action anytime soon!

  • D’Tez

    A Grt list of Baby Makin Tracks. The Queen of Baby Making Music,Miss Janet might be responsible for the birth of number of children around the ;D.

    Rope Burn from the Velvet Rope is all tym Fav. of mine.. ;)
    and theres Twenty ForePlay too….
    Btw,Jill’s A long Walk is so Slick ;)