Lady Gaga making ‘Special’ Announcement August 18th

All the Little Monsters, here’s something for ya. Mother Monster herself, Lady Gaga, will be apparently giving a ‘Special‘ live announcement this August 18th, alongside her new music video for single ‘You and I‘. The singer will be on MTV and LOGO on August 18th at 7:49 ET.

Scheduled for only ten minutes, but will host a live Q&A after it so you can ask Lady Gaga a question on or via Twitter by using the hash tag #MTVGAGA or by sending a tweet to @MTVNews. No word on what the announcement might be, but Perez Hilton thinks she might announce her role as the host of the 2011 MTV Music Awards since they havent said who their host is yet.

What do you think it is? With Lady Gaga you never know.

[via CelebDirtyLaundry]