Video: Hugh Jackman Gets Hit In The Balls (With A Cricket Ball) [Ouch!]

Poor Hugh Jackman seems like a target for calamity this year. While last week he almost lost his eye in a failed stunt for the Oprah Winfrey Show, this week he got hit in the halls, by Australian cricket star Shane Warne. But with a Cricket Ball (which is possible the hardest ‘ball’ next to a bowling ball). Ouch!

It was less than two weeks ago that Hugh Jackman required stitches for his now infamous zip-lining episode on the Oprah show. And now the seemingly accident-prone Australian actor has been injured once again. This time Hugh received one from Australia’s finest ever leg-spin bowler, Shane Warne. The incident took place during a segment on a local TV station’s broadcast of the The Ashes Test cricket series. The sportsman and the actor were battling it out in a spot of cricket. As Hugh went in to bat, spinner Shane made what is called a wrong’un – when the ball spins the opposite way to a leg-spinner. The wayward ball proceeded to hit the Aussie actor’s groin. Seemingly in pain and doubled over, Hugh pulled himself together and carried on playing after a bit of friendly banter from his opponent. ‘I didn’t pick it,’ Jackman said to Shane. ‘Don’t rub ‘em, count ‘em,’ Warne responded. The injury could may well have been much worse if it wasn’t for Hugh’s protective cricket cup, a requirement for all players of the sport. The latest incidence comes after he had already warned Warne about his injured eye. ‘Watch the eye, mate,’ he told him earlier.

And ofcourse, there’s video footage of the incident, complete with slow motion instant replay. Behold:

Ouch. Thank Jebus for those adamantium balls then, eh?